New Employee Orientation

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New Hire Information

Conducting Background Checks

Supervisor: How to initiate a background check...

Complete these forms and forward the Disclosure and Release to

Notary not necessary for these forms.

New Hire Payroll Documents

For Supervisors: Supervisor New Hire Checklist

For your reference:

New employees, both full-time and part-time, submit all of the following to HR:

Print all forms at once (choose two-sided printing) or select specific documents below:

  1. New Hire/Change Notice that is completed by the supervisor and gathers approvals for the hire.
  2. CSI Employee Information Form
  3. W-4 Form (submit page 1 only to HR)
  4. Form I-9 (submit pages 1 & 2 only to HR) and proper ID including Social Security card for payroll
  5. CSI Policies and Procedures Manual Acknowledgement
  6. Health Insurance Marketplace Options Acknowledgement
  7. Direct Deposit form or banking institution Direct Deposit form with employee signature
  8. CSI Application for Employment form (mandatory for all positions)

Worksite Orientation

The supervisor will fully address this worksite information (print this checklist):

Steps for Supervisors to Begin the Hiring Process

    1. Complete the New Hire Notice with position information, attach application materials & reference checks; submit for approval and signatures.
    2. Contact the new hire for documents and signatures to begin the background check. Offer position to the successful candidate pending successful background completion
    3. Provide and explain job description as well as CSI Employee Performance Standards and the performance evaluation process.
    4. Review salary and work schedule for staff or contract days for faculty and office hours.
    5. Ask employee to furnish transcripts when applicable (faculty must provide official transcripts).
    6. Assist the employee to complete new hire forms.

Forms Submitted by the Supervisor to Human Resources

    1. Background check forms completed by the new hire (may be emailed to
    2. At the same time submit new hire forms, including:

      • Complete Form I-9, Section 2. Employer Review & Verification information.
      • Copy and attach an I-9 picture ID and signed the form as the receiving party.
      • Copy Social Security card, required for all employees for payroll purposes.
      • Review the new hire packet to ensure all forms are completed and signed.
      • Attach the New Hire Notice to the payroll forms and submit to the HR (Tessa Limas).

Contacts & Services to Provide by the 1st Day of Employment

    1. HR benefit orientation for the first day of work by contacting Pam O'Dell, 732-6206.
    2. Telephone, number, email address and network login by order online to the IT Helpdesk.
    3. Business card order through the Canyon Copy Center.
    4. Name tag order to Kimberlee LaPray with name, title, style (magnetic or lanyard) & dept number.
    5. Office keys and name plate provided by contacting Eli Jensen in the Maintenance Dept.
    6. Cover campus Safety and Security, the RAVE emergency alert system and workplace injuries.

Mandatory Training Courses Online within the 1st week of Employment

    1. Human Resources will send notice and track completion of: Performance Standards, Harassment & Discrimination Policy, Title IX, and Run,Hide,Fight training as applicable.
    2. The supervisor will require FERPA Training and the Office of the Register will track completion before allowing access to Jenzabar to the new employee.

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