CSI Employment & Payroll Forms

College of Southern Idaho Human Resources Department Website

New hire forms must be received by the Human Resource Office by the 10th of each month for payroll to be processed that month. If not received by the 10th, paychecks could be delayed until the following month.


Item #1 -- is a checklist for the hiring supervisor
Form 2 -- completed by the hiring department and signed by the employee
Forms 3 through 8 -- must be completed in full and signed by the employee
Form 9 -- must be completed unless employee has completed an on-line application
Item #10 Payday & Timesheet Due Dates -- is informational only

  1. Supervisor New Hire Checklist
  2. CSI New Hire Notice Form (to be completed by Hiring Department)
  3. CSI Employee Information Form
  4. W-4 Form (print page 1 only)
  5. I-9 Form (print pages 7 & 8 only, pages 1 - 6 & 9 are instructions & information)
    - How to complete an I-9 form
    - Must provide Social Security card for Payroll
  6. Employee Acknowledgements
  7. Insurance Marketplace Acknowledgment
  8. Direct Deposit form or Banking Institution Direct Deposit form with Employees Signature
  9. Application (Complete only if you have not applied on-line)
  10. Pay & Time Sheet Due Dates (Employee Information)
Additional Forms: