HR Information

College of Southern Idaho Human Resources Department Website

HR Forms


  1. ADA Medical Certification | ADA Medical Request Form
  2. FMLA Employee Medical Certification
  3. Medical Return to Work Certification Form
  4. Workers Compensation Forms:


  1. Calendar of contract days for faculty
  2. Direct Deposit form
  3. eNotes employee newsletter subscription, complete the registration form online.
  4. Holidays at CSI: Policy Statement | Holiday/Office Closures
  5. Leave Slip in Excel format to complete online and send hard copy to HR
  6. Miscellaneous Change (Address, phone, personal information)
  7. Memo of Understanding for Teaching During Normal Working Hours Form
  8. New Hire/Change Notice
  9. Organizational Chart
  10. Reduced Fee/Reciprocal Agreement | BSU, ISU, UofI and LCSC Degree Options
  11. Resignation/Termination Checklist
  12. Resignation/Termination Form
  13. Retirement Checklist
  14. Tuition-Free Classes at CSI
  15. Exit Interview Form


  1. SilkRoad Recruiting Program website and Recruiting Guide for Supervisors
  2. Classification System at CSI
  3. Job Description Format for CSI
  4. CSI Application for Employment form (If not completed a part of the online application process)
  5. Interview Questions and Questions for Final Candidates
  6. Reference checking guide for job applicants | Telephone Reference Form
  7. Background Checks: Complete these forms and forward the Disclosure and Release to Judy Heatwole by hard copy interoffice or regular mail, or by FAX to 208-732-6678. Notary not necessary.


For Supervisors:

New employees, both full-time and part-time, submit all of the following to HR:

Print all forms at once (choose two-sided printing) or select specific documents below:

  1. New Hire/Change Notice that is completed by the supervisor and gathers approvals for the hire.
  2. CSI Employee Information Form
  3. W-4 Form (submit page 1 only to HR)
  4. Idaho W-4 Form (optional)
  5. Form I-9 (submit pages 1- 2 only with proper ID including SSA card for payroll) | Instructions for Form I-9
  6. CSI Policies and Procedures Manual Acknowledgement
  7. Health Insurance Marketplace Options Acknowledgement
  8. Direct Deposit form or banking institution Direct Deposit form with employee signature
  9. CSI Application for Employment form (mandatory for all positions)

Mandatory New Hire Training Courses:

Human Resources will send notice and track completion of: Performance Standards, Harassment & Discrimination Policy, Title IX, and Run,Hide,Fight training for full-time employees. Hard copy Onboarding training (for non-CSI personnel) and score sheets for Discrimination, Title IX and Run, Hide, Fight quizzes are offered here for supervisors to oversee.

The supervisor will require FERPA Training and the Office of the Register will track completion before allowing access to Jenzabar to the new employee.

Contact Judy Heatwole with questions about this site.