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  1. ADA Medical Certification | ADA Medical Request Form

  2. FMLA Employee Medical Certification
  3. Medical Return to Work Certification Form

  4. Workers Compensation Steps to Report Employee Injury


  1. Calendar of 2019/20 contract days for faculty: 170-day/9-mos, 179-day/9.5-mos, 189-day/10-mos, 209-day/11-mos
  2. Direct Deposit form
  3. eNotes employee newsletter subscription, complete the registration form online
  4. Holidays at CSI: Policy Statement | Holiday Office Closures 2019/20
  5. Leave Slip in Excel format to complete online and send hard copy to HR
  6. Miscellaneous Change (Address, phone, personal information)
  7. Memo of Understanding for Teaching During Normal Working Hours Form
  8. Organizational Chart
  9. Pay dates & time sheet deadlines
  10. Reduced Fee/Reciprocal Agreement | BSU, ISU, UofI and LCSC Degree Options
  11. Tuition-Free Classes at CSI
  12. W-4 Federal form and W-4 State of Idaho
  13. Work-Study Supervision Guidelines
  14. Exit Interview Form



  1. SilkRoad Recruiting Program website | ATS Guide for Supervisors
  2. Classification System at CSI
  3. Job Description Template for CSI -- How to Develop a Job Description -- ADA Guide to Physical Activities
  4. Interview Questions -- Questions for Final Candidates -- EEOC Guidelines for Arrest and Convictions
  5. Telephone Referencing Form


The supervisor is responsible to:

  1. Offer the position to the successful candidate pending successful telephone referencing and background check screening. 
  2. Contact the new hire to begin the Background Check. The supervisor may send completed documents by hard copy, or CSI email for secure receipt to or FAX to 208-732-6678.  We have security options If the forms need to come directly from the candidate outside of CSI email. Find instructions for the supervisor online: How to initiate a background check. 
  3. Complete and give the New Hire and Change Notice to HR with an expected first-of-the-month start date for full-time hires (contact Pam O'Dell if your needs differ). The Notice must contain all REQUIRED information, approvals and these three attachments: 
    • Job description that you also explained and gave a copy of to the new employee 
    • Transcripts, official or unofficial, that show the degree conferred when a degree is required 
    • Telephone reference forms

HR will continue the process by:

  1. Contacting the candidate upon receipt of the New Hire and Change Notice to complete remaining employment documentation. 
  2. Including your requests for equipment, keys, name badges, as needed, with the information that is shared with IT.
  3. Contacting the supervisor when the background check is returned and employment documentation is complete.
  4. Offering a benefit and CSI culture orientation for full-time hires on the first day of work.

Mandatory New Hire Training Courses:

Human Resources will invite new full-time employees to take and will track completion of: Confidentiality Policy, Computer Use Policy, and Campus Safety training online.

The supervisor will promote timely completion of both HR online training and the CSI Compliance Training issued to all new employees upon hire.



Resignation - voluntary departure, both full- and part-time

  • The employee submits a letter of resignation to the supervisor with the reason for leaving and the anticipated last day of work.  The supervisor copies HR.
  • The supervisor completes the Resignation/Retirement Form and submits it to HR who copies Payroll. The supervisor collects college equipment and keys.
  • HR will process all vacation/sick leave not previously reported, change of address, and services covered by IT,

Retirement - for benefited employees 55 years of age and working 10 or more years

  • The employee submits a letter of resignation to the supervisor with the anticipated last day of work. The supervisor copies HR.
  • The supervisor completes the Retirement Form and submits it to HR who copies Payroll. The supervisor collects college equipment and keys.
  • HR will process benefit information, unused vacation accrual, change of address, and services provided by IT. Try our Retirement Party Planner.

Termination - involuntary departure, full- and part-time


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