CSI Human Resources




Course management is currently available online through CSIConnect, accessed at http://connect.csi.edu. Class lists, schedules, classroom assignments, student information, student grades and faculty office hours all exist in this online system. Faculty are expected to manage these resources to accomplish the following:
            - Monitor course enrollment
            - Prepare course lists
            - Plan/prepare courses based on scheduled classroom space
            - Verify student placement
            - Advise students
            - Post office hours and schedule
            - Verify course attendance
            - Input first-week “no shows” into the grading system
            - Look up student information as needed
            - Submit students to the Student Success Alert system as needed
            - Input final grades upon course completion

Course delivery is available through the online learning management system called Canvas. Canvas offers a suite of services to faculty and students. Faculty are encouraged to become familiar with these services and use them as they see fit.


Students register for classes online or in person. The Office of the Registrar directs the process for registration on a semester-by-semester basis by offering instruction for the following: course enrollment period deadlines, when students can add a course during the first week of class, what forms are required, and when instructor permission is needed. Please contact your supervisor for specific guidelines at the beginning of each semester.  


The college reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet minimum enrollment criteria. If a course is cancelled, a college representative will inform students and adjustments to faculty load and schedules will be made as needed.


Most classrooms are opened by security prior to class. Faculty are expected to ensure the instructional space is adequate for the course prior to the beginning of the semester. Remotes and equipment must remain in the classroom for use by other instructors. Please contact the CSI Helpdesk for troubleshooting if there are problems with the instructional tools.

Classes and labs are scheduled in various time blocks according to their meeting frequency. Instructors are encouraged to be conscious of student needs in regards to breaks and classroom comfort and access.

Faculty are expected to establish a positive learning environment by being flexible, having well-planned and integrated lessons, considering student problems and questions, being available to help students, and communicating clear expectations.

Faculty are also expected to consider ways to foster an effective learning environment. Examples of effective classroom strategies might include the following: individualizing instructional approach, allowing students a choice of course projects, stressing growth and accomplishment, and varying teaching methods.

All faculty are expected to be familiar with their responsibilities relating to FERPA and Title IX and to complete required annual trainings accordingly.


Severe weather conditions may make it necessary to cancel or delay classes occasionally. Please reference the CSI Policies and Procedures Manual for the current procedure: http://hr.csi.edu/handbook/procedures6.htm#635InclementWeather.

Occasionally faculty might need to cancel a class. The following steps are required when this occurs:
1.  Inform the department or program supervisor so that an appropriate notice will be posted.
2.  Make a concerted effort to notify every student that the class will be canceled or postponed.
3.  Fill out and sign the Leave Request Form.

Faculty must contact their supervisor for approval of field trips or other college-sponsored trips, and to make transportation arrangements. When possible, faculty should schedule such trips so that students will not be absent from other classes.

Faculty should be familiar with procedures relating to emergency situations. Specifics can be referenced in the college’s Emergency Manual: http://hr.csi.edu/Handbook/EmergencyProceduresManual.pdf.


Please administer final exams according to the published schedule. In credit courses that do not conform to the regular semester schedule, use the final class period to administer the final exam. Final exams in credit courses are required unless a department head approves an exception. Faculty do not need to give exams in non-credit courses.

Faculty must enter grades by the due date determined by the Registrar. Letter grades used at CSI for credit courses are "A, B, C, D, and F" and should be assigned to the student based on achievement of course objectives. Faculty must follow the current procedure for granting and recording an “I” (incomplete) grade as established by their supervisor and the Registrar. Other grade designations exist and vary by department or program. Faculty should use an equitable and fair system of assessment.