CSI Human Resources



4.01 PLANNING COURSES (Rev 9/2017)

When initially planning a course, faculty must use departmental course objectives and outcomes assessment strategies that will demonstrate what the students will comprehend and be able to do as a result of the course. Faculty may seek out course design services and advice from the Instructional Design unit for new courses and course continuous improvement. Institutional policy for Curriculum Management is maintained by the Office of Instruction and Academic Affairs, along with the CSI Curriculum Committee.

A syllabus must exist for the course. Please refer to the syllabus check sheet and guidelines on the CSI faculty resources page for additional information regarding developing a syllabus. Instructors must adhere to the syllabus as it represents the instructional contract with students. A copy of the syllabus must be on file with the instructor’s supervisor. Syllabus (and/or student handbook) policies must align with institutional policies (e.g. academic integrity violations) and may not contradict said policies.

Faculty should coordinate with the CSI Bookstore and supervisor to ensure all facilities and materials for each course are appropriate. Problems or concerns should be brought to the attention of the respective supervisor.


Personal promotion of a course is the best way to build its enrollment. Instructors should contact their respective supervisor for assistance and approval for marketing and promoting the course.


At the conclusion of each course and with the direction of the respective supervisor, faculty should take the following steps:

  • Strongly encourage students to complete class evaluations
  • Submit grades by the deadline and process established by the Records Office
  • When appropriate, return books, A/V equipment, keys, and other materials