CSI Human Resources


4.01 PLANNING YOUR COURSE (Rev: 2/2000)

In initially planning a course, you must develop course objectives and outcomes assessment stating what the students will know or be able to do as a result of the course.  The objectives should be specific enough to be clearly understood.

A prescribed syllabus must exist for the course.  You should follow it strictly.  Further, your syllabus should reflect student attendance policy and work responsibilities, as well as the method of determining grades.  A copy of your syllabus must be submitted to your department supervisor.

Lesson plans will be helpful to you.  These plans should include specific topics to be covered, the purpose of the lesson, and expected student accomplishments.

The department supervisor orders textbooks and other classroom supplies.  When applicable, full-time department faculty will select textbooks.  The department supervisor will provide you with a desk copy of required textbooks.  Prior to the first class, you should check on the arrival of your texts and supplies, the size of your class with the Records Office, and the adequacy of the classroom with the Instructional Administration Office.

You should come to the first class prepared to utilize the entire instructional period.  If fewer than ten students are enrolled for the course, encourage other students to join the class.  Usually, the decision to continue a course is made prior to the College's tenth class day for credit courses, and the day of the next class meeting for non-credit or short-term courses.


Personal promotion of a course is the best way to build its enrollment.  Contact your department supervisor or coordinator's office for assistance and approval.

The College promotes its courses and programs in a variety of ways.  The methods used are:

  1. Semester schedules
  2. Public service announcements
  3. Fliers and mailers
  4. News articles and radio/TV shows, as desired by news media


At the conclusion of your course you should take the following steps:

  1. Return completed attendance roster/timesheet, course evaluations, and student grades to the department supervisor's office.
  2. Return books, AV equipment, keys, and other materials.
  3. Turn your course grade sheet in to the Records Office.