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Week of July 21, 2014

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This Week’s FUN Wellbeing Events
Effective Teacher Workshop by Tracey Meyerhoeffer and Evin Fox
Jerome Center Holds Open House to Kick Off Next Phase of Services
Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work
Taco Bell Arena Shares Discounted Events with State Employees/CSI

This Week’s FUN Wellbeing Events

TONIGHT from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Expo Park – Dutch oven Dr. Pepper beans and fruit cobbler and Minute-to-Win-it/Frisbee with Scott Rogers and friends. 

Please RSVP so we have enough food by calling Judy at x6269 or sending an email to jheatwole@csi.edu and tell us how many of your family members are coming.  All are welcome!

TUESDAY – 9 a.m. T’ai Chi with Moose in the SUB

THURSDAY – 9 a.m. T’ai Chi with Moose in the SUB

Judy Heatwole, Coordinator
CSI Employee Wellbeing

Effective Teacher Workshop by Tracey Meyerhoeffer and Evin Fox

Please reserve Thursday, August 14 and Friday, August 15 (9:00am – 4:00pm) for this activity.  The workshop will take place in the Hepworth Building, room179.  Lunch will be provided as well as one credit hour of instruction that will provide documentation that you have participated in this educational methodologies training (an important criteria for several agencies to which we are accountable).  Please respond to Administrative Assistant Shonna Parsons (sparsons@csi.edu; 732-6281) with confirmation of attending so that we can plan accordingly.

If you have attended this workshop in the past, the instructors assure me that it will be different and even more beneficial the second time.  You are encouraged to repeat the experience, but are not necessarily expected to do so.  This year the topical outline is as follows:

·       Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
·       Characteristics of Adult Learners
·       Instructional Cycle
·       Instructional Strategies
·       Classroom Management (Behavior and Environment)
·       Professionalism
·       Feedback/Assessment (Summative and Formative)
·       Outcomes Assessment
·       Technical Skills Assessment
·       Instructional Technology

Evin Fox, Ph.D.

Jerome Center Holds Open House to Kick Off Next Phase of Services

The College of Southern Idaho will hold an open house from 5 to 7 pm, Tuesday, Aug. 12, to kick off its next phase of services being offered to Jerome residents. The event will be held at CSI’s Jerome Center, located at the intersection of Lincoln and Main in downtown Jerome.

Although the CSI center has occupied the site for nine years, it has been used primarily to house the Jerome Chamber, Jerome 20/20, and the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO), with ABE classes offered in the evenings. Changes at the center are scheduled to begin right away.

“This is an exciting time in adult basic education. The movement toward career and college readiness provides the opportunity to help students with their goals of learning English as a second language, preparing for the GED tests, and reviewing for college-level work at CSI. Since there are no fees for these services, we are a valuable resource to the community of Jerome,” said Marian Steel, CSI’s Adult Basic Education Director.

Daytime testing and registration for ABE services will now be available in Jerome. COMPASS test, CSI’s pre-enrollment placement exams, and COMPASS prep classes will also be offered. Computer skills classes will be taught and computers made available for CSI and ABE students. The new focus will be College and Career Readiness for all students.  Additional evening classes will be scheduled.

At the open house, tours will be provided to acquaint visitors with the additional classes and services. Refreshments, including wraps and ice cream will be available to all visitors. The public is invited to attend the open house at any time between 5 and 7 p.m. on Aug. 12.

For more information about the services coming to the CSI Jerome Center, please contact Anna Dovenmuehler at 324-5101 or at amdov@qwestoffice.net.

Doug Maughan
College of Southern Idaho
Public Relations Director

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

Note: Thank you, Stacy Madsen, for sharing this great site!

By Emily Milam, May 28, 2014

Remember the days when “work” meant manual labor with a side of blood, sweat, and tears? Neither do we. These days it seems we’re more likely to log hour after idle hour with our bums glued to our seats. And while you may be an Excel champ by day and gym rat by night, recent research suggests that the recommended 30 minutes of cardio five times per week may not undo the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

So what’s a worker chained to his or her desk to do? Luckily short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching in between conference calls and Gchats can help improve fitness levels and heart health. While these deskercises, or desk exercises for the cubicle-bound, won’t promise Olympic mile times or six-pack abs, they might just improve strength and burn a few extra calories to boot. So whether it’s PowerPoint, Photoshop, or emails on that to-do list, we’ve got 33 sneaky exercises for a healthier (and happier!) workday.


1. The Twinkle Toe: Tap into your inner Fred Astaire by speedily tapping those toes on the floor under your desk. Or graduate to a harder (and less conspicuous) move: Stand in front of a small trashcan and lift up those legs to tap the toes on its edge, alternating feet, in soccer-drill fashion.

2. The Stair Master: Want to avoid elevator small talk in favor of elevating the heart rate? Take the stairs! Accelerate on the straight-aways and take two at a time every other flight for a real leg burn.

3. The Slog, Then Jog: Instead of slogging away for hours nonstop, take a mini break for a stationary jog. Pop up from your chair (admire the butt imprint left behind!) and jog in place. Willing to huff and puff a little more? Pick up those knees! Continue for one minute, return to spreadsheets, and repeat.

4. The Celebratory Split Squat Jumps: Win over a new client? Figure out how to un-jam the printer? Is it finally Friday?! Celebrate with the split squat jump. With feet hip-width apart, step the left leg back two feet and balance on the ball of the foot. Next, lower into a lunge, and then accelerate upwards in an explosion of celebration. While in the air, switch feet so that the left foot is planted firmly in front and the right leg is now behind. Repeat 10-12 times on each side.

5. The Cubicle Wanderer: Walking during work is totally underrated. Take a stroll down the hall to catch up with coworkers or welcome a new employee. Or, instead of dialing extensions and sending lazy emails to the manager two doors down, put in some face time. Just beware of tempting candy jars when making the rounds.

6. The Mover and Shaker: There’s nothing wrong with a brief spaz sesh. Release stress and spark some energy with a quick bout of seated dancing when no one is looking! Salsa anyone?

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Taco Bell Arena Shares Discounted Events with State Employees/CSI

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Boise State University
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