CSI Human Resources

How to Apply for Employment

We accept applications for current position openings through our online Employment Opportunities page. If you don’t have personal access to a computer, you may locate computers at a public library.

How does the application process work?

Current openings are listed under both the Welcome and Current Openings tabs of our Employment Opportunities website. You can review the job listings and click into any of the jobs for more details about the position. Submit applications through the Apply box at the bottom of the page.

I applied previously: Once you have applied to a job and created a new profile in this new system you may choose “Existing Resume/CV” and enter your login and password to use your saved information. If you do not remember them, you can use the “Forgot Your Password” link above the login box to request your information via e-mail.

I’ve never applied: If you do not have a login and password, you can build your profile and complete the application by clicking on the “New Resume/CV” option. The first step will be to create your basic profile and upload a resume and cover letter. Unofficial transcripts and certification and licensure documents may also be uploaded if required for the position.

Once that is completed, you will be presented with the Application for Employment form and any job specific questions that may be included. Continue this process until you receive a message acknowledging your application's submission to be sure your materials will be considered.

Can I use my existing profile to apply for multiple positions?

After you have created a new profile and applied for your first position in our new system, the following instructions may be followed:

To apply using an existing profile you will first click on the job listing you are interested in. Below the job description select “Existing Resume/CV” and log into your profile when prompted. From the submittal history where you see your previous applications click “Submit the profile” to the right. Your electronic application will also be populated. Continue through the form and update as needed. One you click “Submit and Continue” you will receive a confirmation that the application was successfully submitted.

What if the announcement asks for cover letter and/or transcripts?

Most CSI positions require a cover letter and instructional positions require unofficial transcripts at the point of application. Those requirements are noted on the job announcement. Please upload cover letters, transcripts, and any other requested credentials along with your resume during the appliation process.

Will I still be considered if I don’t answer all the questions during the process?

The program will not allow you to proceed if you don’t answer any questions in the profile or eapplication marked with an asterisk. You do not have to answer questions not marked with an asterisk, however.

How do I update my current profile or cancel or change my job agent?

If your personal information changes or you would like to apply for more jobs, you can access your profile by logging in with your login and password from our Employment Opportunities page. Choose Current Openings and select “Update Your Profile” or “Update Job Agent.” You can then login as a returning applicant and update your profile, view your past submittals, or delete your profile and/or job agent.

I experienced computer problems during the process to apply. Do I need to begin again?

If you didn’t complete the entire process to apply and submit your materials, you will want to login to your profile to check on your status. Go to the My Profile tab and log into your profile with your login and password. If you see the job you applied for, than your application was successful. You should also have received an email confirming submission. However, if you do not see the job, you will need to re-apply to that position. If you get a message saying that your login or password is invalid, then you will also need to re-create your profile.

I’ve created a duplicate profile and am having trouble either logging in or accessing past applications. What should I do?

Please contact the HR team for assistance by emailing jheatwole@csi.edu or calling (208) 732-6269.

What if I received a “Current Action Temporarily Unavailable” message while uploading my resume?

This typically occurs when your resume file name is either too long or contains special symbols such as parentheses, asterisks, slashes, or the like. Reduce your file name to less than 14 characters and remove any symbols to resolve the issue.

Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

We regret that we cannot correspond personally about the ongoing status of each submission. If there's a match between your talents and our needs, we will contact you directly within two to four weeks. If you do not hear from us within that time, please assume that you have not been selected for interview.

Can I apply even if there isn't a specific position currently available that is of interest to me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept unsolicited resumes. Our job openings are updated on a regular basis, so it is important that you check our site weekly to see all current openings and have time to apply.

I still have questions. May I talk to someone?

Your questions are always welcome in the CSI Human Resources office. Please email jheatwole@csi.edu or call (208) 732-6269 for assistance.

Thank you for your interest in employment at CSI.