Pay dates and timesheet deadline dates

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2015 Pay Dates and Timesheet Deadline Dates

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The following is a schedule of pay dates and the dates that Regular and Workstudy timesheets are due in the Human Resource Office for 2014:

Month Timesheets due in Human Resource Office Pay Date
January 2015 January 12 January 23
February 2015 February 12 February 25
March 2015 March 13 March 25
April 2015 April 14 April 24
May 2015 May 12 May 22
June 2015 June 15 June 25
June 15-30th EOY 2015 July 1 July 24
July 2015 July 14 July 24
August 2015 August 13 August 25
September 2015 September 15 September 25
October 2015 October 13 October 23
November 2015 November 12 November 24
December 2015 December 7 *December 16

*Early pay date due to Holiday.

Because we have very strict deadlines due to direct deposit, federal withholding deposit, etc., it will be impossible to process late timesheets.Timesheets received in the Human Resource Office after the due date will not be processed until the following month.All payroll changes, new hires and overload agreements must be received 5 days prior to the timesheet due date of each month in order to be set up for the current month's payroll.

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