CSI Performance Management System


The Performance Management Program establishes a year-round partnership between employee and supervisor while creating a shared understanding about work that is to be accomplished and how work is to be done.

Job responsibilities, expectations, and development activities are identified and agreed upon. These are linked to the goals of the department and the College so that each employee's work is connected to the mission. Frequent communication provides feedback and support to the employee regarding his or her performance.

Why Do Performance Evaluations?

Performance evaluations assist employees in developing their careers and being successful in their jobs. They describe expectations and standards for all College employees. It's the right thing to do, and they ensure the mission and vision of the College of Southern Idaho are achieved by:

  1. Motivating and encouraging employees to be productive contributors to the mission and goals of the department and the College.

    • Ensuring activities of the employees are linked to the goals and mission of the department and College.
    • Discussing employee performance through feedback.
    • Documenting communication regarding performance objectives to employees.
    • Establishing performance goals and objectives.
    • Focusing on outcomes and results.
    • Enhancing communication through continuous feedback and coaching between employee and supervisor

  2. Promoting consistency throughout the organization.

  3. Meeting legal requirements and serving as a legal document.

  4. Ensuring documents are in place and serving as resource for making human resource decisions, i.e. recruitment, promotion, succession planning, training plans, and compensation.


The Supervisor's Role

As a supervisor, you have many responsibilities in performance management. You provide recognition and reward achievement while removing barriers that impede an employee's success.

One way of accomplishing this is by role modeling the desired behaviors. Model your vision, goals, and expectations. Challenge employees to reach their optimum level of performance and hold them accountable.

Remember: "Your success as a supervisor depends on your employees!"

The Appraisal Process

To help supervisors and employees be successful, there are several elements to the performance appraisal process. These elements form a process that continues throughout the review period.


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