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PeopleIn today's turbulent, often chaotic work environments, success depends on employees making full use of their own strengths and talents. Supervisors play a key role in providing a motivational climate for employees to use their strengths. However, they often view motivation as a mystery because it is extremely complex and personally driven.

The complexity of motivation is influenced by both external and internal factors (communication, interpersonal relationships - especially with the supervisor, culture, etc.) and the fact that individuals are motivated by different things and in different ways.

A positive motivation philosophy and practice by managers will improve productivity, quality, and service. A motivational environment helps people:

Action Checklist for Supervisors

The following checklist is designed for managers with responsibilities for managing, motivating, and developing staff at a time when organizational structures and processes are undergoing continual change:

  1. Read the gurus
  2. Know what motivates you
  3. Know what motivates your staff
  4. Walk the job (be sure you understand the work, expectations and performance)
  5. Remove de-motivators
  6. Demonstrate support and provide recognition
  7. Decide on an action (positive, focused on the future)
  8. Manage change
  9. Understand learning styles & preferences
  10. Provide feedback
  11. Create opportunities for achievement and accomplishment
  12. Provide opportunities for learning and growth
  13. Increase the amount of challenge
  14. Help answer the question: How does the individual relate to the department or College mission?

The Human" Moment at Work"

Other important ideas for motivating employees include minimizing rules and policies and ensuring employee involvement, whenever possible, in decisions which affect their work parameters and their work environment. In other words, engage employees in setting realistic goals and expectations, and then set them free to achieve incredible results!

Through consistent application of the performance management system and with these insights regarding motivation and conducting performance evaluations become easier.

Motivation and Communication

A simple way of identifying what employees want more of in their jobs (and what they want less of) is to ask each employee what job and environmental factors they wish to have increased and decreased. This process gives managers a chance to understand what employees want. Surveying employees and new hires about what motivates them helps managers better understand how to keep their work interesting and challenging. Topics should include what frustrates you? What challenges you? What are your learning goals?

Activities to Develop Performance Plans

Below are examples of some typical activities which could be considered appropriate for employee development.


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