CSI Performance Management System


Happy peopleEach employee plays an important role in making the College of Southern Idaho the best it can be. The Performance Management System (PMS) gives us tools for the ongoing process of workforce planning, employee coaching, feedback, and development.

The CSI Performance Management System provides ways to bring out the best in employees and allows the College to meet its goals at the same time. The focus is on communication - communication about performance. Performance evaluations develop and motivate employees by ensuring their activities are both linked to their goals and to the Mission of the College of Southern Idaho.

The links at left will take you through the performance management process, from a general overview to delivering the actual appraisal. These are the optimal practices we encourage supervisors to follow. We recognize every step may not be followed, or in exact sequence; however, communication is key.

Performance Management is a continuous and ongoing process for supervisors and employees of the College. Performance Evaluation meetings may be conducted and Evaluation forms submitted to the HR Department throughout the year; e.g., on the anniversary of an employee's date of hire, and are due to the HR Department annually for the purpose of contract consideration. Questions about this procedure may be directed to the Director of Human Resources.


CSI's performance management system is developed to provide a mechanism for creating and maintaining ongoing communication between the supervisor and employee. This system focuses on helping each employee achieve his/her best workplace performance. To that end, the College's system is designed to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Creating a review of the job description and responsibilities;
  2. Setting performance expectations;
  3. Keeping performance on target;
  4. Realigning performance if necessary; and
  5. Ensuring a comprehensive performance evaluation meeting takes place.

The performance management process is supported with this on-line training that will assist managers in: reviewing established job expectations and employee performance standards, establishing new performance expectations, summarizing individual job performance with commendations,and geenral coaching on the proper steps to conduct the evaluation meeting.

Getting Started

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