CSI Performance Management System


Setting performance expectations is the foundation and first step in performance management. By setting performance expectations first, the employee knows what is anticipated, and the supervisor has specific performance criteria to measure quality and productivity. Reviewing and updating the position Job Description lends direction to the process of establishing performance expectations.


Determining Key Responsibilities and Duties

The next step is to identify the key responsibilities that make up the job. Key responsibilities are the main components or key results of the job. Five to seven main components will ensure a list that represents a good overview of the job. These are listed under Responsibilities and Duties on the Job Description form . Note that these key responsibilities represent results from doing a job, not a listing of tasks that one performs.

Determining key responsibilities:

Describing Quality Performance

When looking at setting performance expectations, it is imperative that employee goals and objectives describe what quality performance should look like. If the supervisor can't define what quality performance looks like, how is the employee expected to know?

Performance management is an ongoing process. It's all about creating a positive, productive work environment through constant communication.

Once setting performance expectations has occurred, the supervisor's goal is to keep performance on target. Understanding how to use feedback and coaching will help make that happen.


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