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Teaching Tips Index

Teaching Tips Index
A faculty resource for helpful classroom hints and ideas!

We gratefully acknowledge the Faculty Development Committee of Honolulu Community College for sharing the following information from their awesome Intranet Web site. You may find many more helpful ideas from the OnlinePhD.org.

  The purposes and content of a syllabus.
  What they are and how to write them.
  Lesson planning for effective teaching.
  Advantages and disadvantages of four types.
Strengths and limitations of 14 teaching methods.
  Choosing lecture, demonstration, or discussion.
Practical tips on improving your teaching.
The why and how of organization for teaching.
  Examples of getting acquainted techniques.
More Ice Breakers & Closing-Makers   Examples from Valencia Community College in Florida.
Ethnocentrism, stereotyping, blindness, etc.
  Fundamental assumptions to make about learning.
  Understanding cognitive and psychomotor domains.
  General educational objectives and processes.
More than instructor excitement or prodding.
Treat learners like adults.
Understanding adults returning to school.
63 ideas for dealing with retention/attrition.
Behaviors and possible responses.
  Information about student services and programs.
A possible recourse against midcourse letdown.

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