New Employee Orientation

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New Hire Information

Conducting Background Checks

Supervisor: How to initiate a background check...

Complete these forms and forward the Disclosure and Release to

New Hire Payroll Documents

For Supervisors: Supervisor New Hire Checklist

For your reference:

New employees, both full-time and part-time, submit all of the following to HR:

Print all forms at once or select specific documents below:

  1. New Hire Notice that is completed by the supervisor and gathers approvals for the hire.
  2. CSI Employee Information Form
  3. W-4 Form (print page 1 only)
  4. Form I-9 (print pages 1 & 2 only) and proper ID
  5. Policy & Procedures Manual Employee Acknowledgement
  6. Insurance Marketplace Acknowledgment
  7. Direct Deposit form or banking institution Direct Deposit form with employees signature
  8. Finally, a CSI Application for Employment form (Only if you have NOT applied online)

Worksite Orientation

The supervisor will fully address this worksite information

  1. Cover, explain and have the new employee initial the job description. Give a copy to the employee and send a signed copy for their personnel file to Human Resources.

  2. Share form and obtain initials indicating you explained the Employee Performance Standards the college uses for annual non-instructional staff evaluations (to be filed with supervisor).

  3. Define the salary, work schedule and office hours for the position.
  4. How to find/complete the required CSI Discrimination and Harassment training.
  5. How to find/complete the required Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).
  6. Safety and security:
  7. Contact IT for telephone and number assignment and explain proper use to the new employee.
  8. Complete a Work Order for appropriate office keys from maintenance, employees must pick up and sign for keys in person.

  9. Order a name tag from the campus Director of Public Information

  10. Request a desk/door name plate from maintenance by completing a Work Order (submittal password = password).

  11. Order CSI business cards as needed.

  12. Help locate in the office and become familiar with the CSI Emergency Procedures Manual.

  13. Conduct a tour to meet and identify other essential services, personnel and buildings.

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