CSI Human Resources

College of Southern Idaho Human Resources Department Website

Working in partnership for excellence and equality

Consistent with the mission and goals of the College of Southern Idaho, the Human Resource Department actively promotes a working and learning environment that supports a highly qualified workforce and a quality of work life that is based on trust and respect for all employees.




CSI Human Resource Philosophy

CSI is committed to a quality working experience for all
staff by:

  • Providing a flexible, productive working environment
  • Encouraging relationships based on trust, courtesy, and mutual respect
  • Valuing each employee for the particular knowledge and skills he or she contributes to the College
  • Fostering a level of caring for individuals that is above and beyond the professional level
  • Supporting continuous development of the individual through lifelong learning
  • Promoting employee involvement in meeting the challenges of a growing and changing College community
  • Working together to make the College successful